The Breakbeat Awards

Why are you doing this?

We’ve seen Breakbeat Music grow and change as the internet has enabled DJ’s and Producers to reach more people than ever before, and the Twitch Platform has made the music accessible to even more people. 

Our aim is to provide a platform for everyone to gain more exposure, where we support creators. We want to recognise streamers for their efforts in keeping spirits high throughout this past year where none of us have been able to go out and enjoy music events in person and help creators to reach more viewers.

What are you getting out of this?

We are not doing this for rewards, recognition or any other financial reason. We want to see people who deserve a wider audience for their performances gain traction and add followers, and hopefully grow their audiences too. That’s it.

Who are The Breakbeat Awards Team?

We’re just like you. We’re members of the Twitch community with a passion for both the music and getting the music to everyone. We have made a pledge to remain anonymous to remove any possible perceived bias, because we are not doing this for fame or fortune, nor to promote any specific individual. 

How can you be sure that the awards are fair?

While nominations are open, anyone can nominate any streamer for an award. When we move into the voting round, things will be a little stricter. Voters will be required to validate their entry, and we will take breaches seriously. 

We absolutely want the playing field to be level for all, which is why we have awards for larger channels (Partners) as well as for newer streamers or Affiliates who may not have reached the Partner level yet. 

There are also awards for the community too, as music is as much about the streamer, as it is about the viewer.

I love what you’re doing, how can I get involved?

Thank you! Please support us by sharing this website with any streamers you enjoy, and encourage others to nominate their favourites.  When voting opens (after the nominations have closed), you’ll be able to support through special streams and more, to be announced. If you’d like to offer some direct support, please use our contact form to get in touch with us or drop us a whisper on Twitch.